Who does CAYA’s teams play against?

  • As a member of the Panhandle Youth Football Association, CAYA plays against teams from three local counties. The city members of the PYFA are Destin, Freeport, Lynn Haven, Walton (Defuniak Springs), Panama City, Niceville, South Walton (Sandestin), Shalimar, Vernon, and Fort Walton Beach. We only play those teams during the regular season and playoffs. Then we build All-star teams when possible and travel to nearby tournaments in the south east region.

When are Try-outs?

  • Per the PYFA, member areas are prohibited from any type of try-outs. Players are added on a first come-first served basis. Once a roster maximum is met, an addition team is created, all players signed up are placed in a pool, and the team coaches select player by draft.

What is your registration fee?

  • Registration is $125 for football and cheer. We do have fundraisers, financial aid, and possibly scholarships available for those who qualify.

When is the registration deadline. 

  • Registration deadlines are determined based on our team picture date (always projected 2 saturdays before the first game, or second Saturday in August). We must ensure that our kids get uniforms before that date and must factor time for delivery and confirmation. Thus,  registration deadlines are in  July. Please refer to you respective director or coach to determine this season's date.

What does registration cover?

  • Registration covers the uniform purchase (football keeps their jersey and socks, cheer keeps uniforms). Offsets team insurance, field rentals and maintenance, trophies, equipment maintenance and replacement, and other operating costs.  

Do you have fundraisers or something that I can help with to pay for their fees and do the kids work them too?

  • We have several fundraisers that occur throughout the year and we are working to provide improved and innovative methods so that everyone can participate. 

Are your coaches experienced? 

  • The PYFA encourages Heads Up Football certification for coaches; for player safety, CAYA mandates all our coaches be certified and pass a background check at the minimum before they are allowed to coach on the field. We have coaches with varied experiences that are committed to ensuring player development and mentoring them for life. We're in the process of improving our methods to further player development.

What equipment do I need to bring?

  • Football parents must provide practice jersey, cleats, chin strap, and mouth guard at a max. CAYA provides the shoulder pads, helmets, and game and practice pants. Cheer parents must provide solid white tennis shoes and white socks for games. CAYA provide the rest of the game uniform to include accessories.

When and where are games and practices?

  • Our practices occur at Elks Field (5550 Elks Lane) during weekday afternoons. Home games are at Shoal River Middle School (3200 E Redstone Ave). We play our away games at similar locations hosted by our other PYFA areas.

How often should I expect to travel? 

  • Expect 3 -5 away games during the regular season. CAYA leadership strives to limit extended travel, so we work with the PYFA to ensure we minimize our team travel beyond east of Hwy 285. PFYA area representatives determine the postseason locations prior to the season start. Please visit team or league schedules for playoff locations.

Does CAYA have teams for other sports?

  • Not at the moment. CAYA has provided baseball in the years past, but as of now we are focusing on football and cheer.

What happens if I have siblings playing on different teams?

  • It is our goal for families to enjoy their CAYA Saturday mornings together, so we seek to ensure your day is not spent in a car travelling from one field to another. During the scheduling process, our leadership pushes to keep as many CAYA games at one location for that weekend. If there is a need for two teams in an age group, the oldest sibling is selected in the draft to his respective team as the remaining siblings are automatically assigned to like "color" teams (i.e. red, black, white). The like-colored teams will travel to their away games together (Red travels together; White travel together).

How are your coaches selected?

  • Head coaches must apply for their position and then approved by vote from the executive board and general members. Head Coaches then select their assistants. All our coach must pass a background check and complete the USA Football Head's Up Football certification course before the season starts.

How do I become a member of CAYA?

  • To be a member you should just sign your child(ren) up for CAYA, volunteer for CAYA, or be a CAYA sponsor. You will then gain access to the respective team(s) of which you are a part. In order to become a General Member (voting) the following year, you must complete and submit the designated form, volunteer the required number of hours, and pay a $20 membership fee.   

Must my child live in Crestview to play with CAYA?

  • The PYFA encourages players play in their respective area, but the league is in the process of determining the policies for this situation. If this is your child’s first year in the league you have the liberty to choose the area you want your child to play for. That will be your home team and your family will be approved to play there in the following years.